SOF Survival Match

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SOF Survival Match


  • Cleverly designed for one-handed fire starting
  • Internal sprung loaded 12mm steel-of-fire with integral striker
  • Fold back the upper handle
  • Apply pressure to the strike plate with your thumb.
  • Push down on the fire steel.
  • As the fire steel is pressed back into the handle it slides across the striker, dispensing fire starting sparks

Anyone who loves the outside life or when away for a bushcraft weekend, will love the Survival Match.

Designed for all-weather use, this fire-starting system performs superbly in the most extreme marine, Arctic, desert, and jungle environments. The Survival Match was designed for bushcraft survival, crafted and durable, this lightweight tool is so innovative. The Web-tex Steel of Fire Survival Match generates a stream of sparks three times the heat of a standard match and easily will light any material (wood, paper, bark, cloth, or man-made fire starting tinder) that a match will ignite. You can accurately aim the sparks to ignite a roaring fire in any weather conditions.

If your Survival Match becomes wet, simply wipe it off and it is ready for use. In combination with Fire Starting Tinder, you can start a fire even in the driving rain.

At the heart of the Web-tex Steel of Fire Survival Match is a custom bar of high performance flint material. Spring loaded for compactness, the flint bar also rotates 360 degrees to help prevent uneven wear and tear. A 12mm steel-of-fire integral striker built into the striker button is set at the perfect angle for maximum sparking - taking the guess work out of starting a fire.

Incorporated into the Survival Match is a safety feature to prevent inadvertent ignition when accidentally plunged. The unique design requires the operator to press the thumb button in order to engage the striker mechanism.