Hennessy Hammock

The Hennessy Hammock is a totally great design of hammock. No more aching muscles from sleeping on the ground! No need to carry a heavy tent. The Hennessy Hammock is just as a comfortable on expedition in the Amazon jungle, African Safari or just in the back garden.


Used by the British Army in Afghanistan & other parts of the world. If you are looking for an ultra light alternative to a heavy tent, this will be the most important piece of outdoor kit you ever buy! As a jungle hammock it is ideal because of the fully integrated mosquito netting, helping protect you from malaria- carrying mosquitoes or sand flies while sleeping in tropical and sub- tropical areas. You will keep nice and dry with the waterproof rain-fly sheet included or the additional Hex fly basha fly sheet. We stock the full range available to the UK. eCamo is one of the first trusted UK dealers to stock the Ultra Light Exporer A-sym and Scout model. We also stock the Explorer Deluxe and Expedition Asym from Hennessy.

Closure Options

Choice of entry systems: The original Classic bottom entry with Velcro closure or the New side entrance zip closure with strong zip with two double sliders.


Environmentally Friendly Design


The Hennessy Hammock when used with the webbing straps or "tree huggers" will leave almost no impact to the local environment, you will leave no trace when using this shelter. The webbing hugger straps protect the tender bark of trees, the environmentally friendly design requires no ground levelling, trenching or staking. When you walk away from your camp-site, there will be almost no evidence that you were ever there.

Snake Skins

What are" SnakeSkins " SnakeSkins are an instant stuff sack system that collapse your Hammock in about 30 seconds. Revolutionary silicone impregnated nylon "sleeves", tubes that fit over any Hennessy Hammock

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