24th Regiment of Foot Metal Pith Helmet Plate

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Replica Metal 24th Regiment of Foot Badge


Faithful Replica of the metal 24th regiment of foot helmet plate/badge as worn on British colonial pith helmets in the Zulu war at Rorkes Drift and Isandlhwana

An exact die-struck copy of the plate with 2 fixing lugs. Worn by enlisted men on the front of the Pith Helmet / foreign service helmet, with the cut-out "24" in the centre.

Bright gold finish, gilt plates are more attractive than brass, and never need to be polished.

Plate size: 95mm High, 83mm Wide

Plate is a good weight for size - 86 grams

Two fixing lugs are approx. 35mm apart ( lugs are fixed to back of plate & have an eyelet fixing point, plate can be held in place by making two holes in helmet & using small cable tie or glue plate in place.

Pith helmets can also be ordered from us with the 24th Regiment badge already fixed in place.